An electronic mix from the Ubie View Production vault, dating back to 2001. This mix gives the listener a glimpse to the experimental creations that lead Ubie to the current , inspirational, dance tracks he has been producing lately. In this set of tracks we find that both words and music are playing a vital role in the meanings of these sound scupltures. Including the Dreamy, stoner melodies his productions are known for, we find Ubie sewing together fragments of atmospheric cobinations of light and dark which when placed together add to the enjoyment of this episode.

Standing at the other end of reality (Left over Tracks Volume 1) by Ubie Ohmes on Mixcloud

Here is a mix of 10 songs dug out of the Ubie View Production archives and produced by the Connecticut artist known as Ubie Dropout. These tracks as the tittle implies have been sitting around collecting dust since the early 2000's and are finally being let loose right here and now. For the most part the inspiration for the work found here was to create sound sculptures filled with emotion and was another means to communicate artistic ideas. This is a way to catalog the many ideas in which Ubie Dropout has been experimenting with since the early 90's. This means that this will be the first volume of many to come so stay tuned and let it be known what observations you may have found while giving this mix a sample. Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon.

It's that time of the month again kids where I unleash another collection of original tracks from my vault for your listening pleasure.  So just like volume 1 these creations  have sat on my hard drive for a long while with no where to go.  Many different inspirations can be credited to these fused ideas that form this collage sound-scape journey.  Since these creations span many years this is more like a diary or journal of waves then an album.   I thank all of you who take the time to listen and all I ask is that if you have the ability please continue the conversation by leaving a comment.  Thanks again for your loving contribution  

Ubie dropout

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