While inherently we want to move towards what is loving for ourselves, self sabotage is defined as what feels to move in opposition or contrary to that.

From an energy perspective, self sabotage is the resistance to the flow of Chi or life force which is inherently loving. Opposition to the flow of what is in the present moment results in internal conflict or blocked energy. This will feel emotionally stressful. With self-sabotage there is a sense of active opposition to what we can see will benefit us. It is difficult to make progress on an issue when we are internally divided and feel as if we are our own worst enemy.

We need to recognize when we are feeling internal conflict. Sometimes just observing the internal conflict without judgment will begin to release it. Emphatically emphasizing the statement of self-acceptance despite the problem we are focusing on to heal, resets the polarity while we tap on the problem so energy can flow in the proper direction - towards wholeness and our highest good. If this still is not bringing the intensity of the problem down, try drinking a glass of water or changing your location (different room, or go outside).

Here is a track where its birth began way back in 2001 but wasn't officially released until 2008 on "The After Effect" which was a self produced Cd released by CD baby. If you are Interested this production is still available on Cd Baby and amazon which you can find by following these links: CD BABY AMAZON

You walk in the room and you start hearing the first section of the bass line And it seems like you were right on time because just then the other sections started to open things up even more. Then without you even noticing it the whole place begins to shake and your own body starts moving and before you know what is what you are caught up inside a groove. Then you Take a breath and your mind starts turning and the air is filled with a certain kind of feeling And you simply just let that love light in. You then look around the smoky Club and close on in on The prettiest little thing you have ever seen in your whole damn life. You are something on this night because your not sure exactly what you said but this girl is now on the floor with you instead of with some other dude and now your both making the night moves all the right moves. Before you know it the time has swallowed the night up and your on your way home with the girl of your dreams and you wave goodbye to all your new found friends saying now you know what people mean when they say When The Groove Is Right.

I recently signed up and created a profile on "Bandcamp" which I actually haven't spent as much time with as I know I need to but I wanted to let you know That the above track in all its glory can be found at "bandcamp" . If you enjoy The above track please don't hesitate to follow the link below and purchase this track for one dollar so you can add it to your music collection. If you have never visited the "Bandcamp", site you should check it out they make it really simple for musicians and music fans to appreciate each other in a very sensible way. BANDCAMP

When looking for a safe passage through space and time I recommend that you stay away from spending a dime on intoxication distractions but instead turn toward your favorite wave form and let the music spread out. The adventures are always happening and here you can make a start by building your bridge across the universe. It is here where there is nothing to weigh you down and all past predictions can be left behind with the rest of the danger zones that are no longer relative right here and now. The connection is real but it is all up to you to find the flow and head towards the path that fits so perfect. In this specific way the natural solution is to open up to the currents rise and fall and enjoy the full explosion of everything. In our every day life there are many stories to tell about the traveling experiences from one existence to the next. Many problems have risen about the stability of all of our functioning progress. In these moments of research much confusion can come to pass while wondering in and out of the surfacing exotic matter that surrounds the atmosphere. No matter how dark the forces from beyond may seem it is highly necessary not to be influenced by the surrounding negative energy and find oneself caught inside a vacuum. For any human progress to continue and stabilize within the current technological state it is a useful tool to continue to explore with the hope that you will in fact find the final frontier which is in fact why you are here.

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