Here is a DJ set by Ubie Dropout which breaks the ice of a period of time without the much needed expansion that comes about through the experimentation in The wave form medium. The intention was to keep things simple, mellow and beautiful but like all emotions there is always the desire to get things kicking. I did my best to paint a wave with this set by starting off slow, entering some liquid Drum and bass licks in the middle and then sending it off much in the same way that it began. I hope You all enjoy and I encourage any comments that are inspired by your listen. Thank you for playing Ubie Dropout.

Starting the journey deep inside dark caverns of a dreamscape realm, the listener is taking through a marvelous electronic ride that smoothly drifts from futuristic glitches on to "down-tempo" grooves, finally building up from "minimal techno", towards a fine ending with an "Electro house" crash.

a chaotic DJ mix By the artist known as Ubie which combines intricate electronic sounds, ambient atmospheres, and unique deep bass grooves to create a worth wild mix. This performance of beat happenings enables the listener to shake their booty as well as allow the mind to take some time for some deep thinking.

a dj set I created with Traktor 3.0 while there was a snow storm raging outside. You will notice while listening that my tastes in electronic music are quite eclectic. Thanks for listening and enjoy the mix.

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