Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Acoustic Track By Ubie Dropout Properly Define

Properly Define

What it is to live in this world
Properly define what it is to live

Lately been feeling around
Sunshine been hiding underground
Then you can find a muse
Get a way from feeling confused
Roll through the pain
The way to choose and would
Give a way the time you have to spend
Fill this work you have passion for
Confidence within the simple rolls you act

Now I look or maybe now I don’t look
The same mistakes have imprisoned me
Spent some time and now that your gone
I doubt if you will ever see
Eyes can be shut but then again wide opened
Still life photos preserving such smiles
Uncertain we are with whoever we are
Just like the seasons, always in change

What it is to live in this world
Properly define what it is to live

Beautiful inside the mind, you seem to cry outside
Will these tears ever find a being who does not lie
Softest touch, bound to own innocence
Blown away by cold distance
Can’t release from this touch, now it seems that I have said so much
Everyday it’s been back and forth
Smiles and frowns seem to twist around
Harder and harder by the minute
When nothing is ever found

I have to show it and you have to buy it
The commercial is always on
Take some time or change the channel
Times are getting older
Colder but so much bolder
So what’s the deal, baby
What it is to live.

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