Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Acoustic Song By Ubie Dropout - Love Is Not A Dream


So concerned within
A true and only confide in
Takes forever to realize
And then when you can’t see
You close your eyes
Dream of what your made of
Out of place and scared it seems
Feelings that can’t be reached
Shut under tired eyes
Build out from the past
Reach up to the sky
All alone to learn
In life you work it out
Sweating day by day
Time to look around
Then when you find this place
Which fits right in?
Takes forever to realize

As it goes on down
Like a picture
Stuck on the inside
Release to the open
Pain which fills the mind
Can only keep going strong
Limits are all your own
Lost and unspoken

Tell me again
That it is not
Tell me again
Love is not a dream.

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