Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The First Track Ever Uploaded On Soundcloud

The First Track Ever Uploaded On Soundcloud:

Below you will Find The first track That I (Ubie Dropout) Ever Uploaded on Soundcloud which was a simple track that only uses a few sounds instead of the usual conglomeration of melodies that interweave. The goal here was to create a steady constant,hypnotic beat that I never stray away from all the while continuing to keep the listener engaged and excited about the many possibilities of sound. This was more of a test to see if i could personally enjoy keeping it simple as well as allowing the energy to remain. Please feel free to leave any comment in the proper form at the bottom of this page.

The Deeper Meaning Of Thunderbelt:

If your have ever wondered about what is good about all the everything that is around
this would then be a perfect time to step away from a life of concealed ideas.
Frustration can rise from any place and grab hold of even the most positive individuals but before such circumstances wear you out replace those used up attitudes with an uplifting "Thunderbelt." You still may have some concerns about your ability to sit down while "Thunderbelt" is raging through the airwaves but these sounds are here to guide you. If your body is inspired to create in motion you should let yourself go with the flow. This strategy works fine for any level of motor ability and will help send your mind and body towards higher heights. You still may be filled with doubts but with so many different spaces to open up with the dance steps chosen will surely come together in no time at all. Even still while motion works best for some ,for others it can be found that the best movement actually is non movement. In recent years there has been a worldwide phenomenon or (movement of non movement) made popular by many participators of the rave scene where they have created a non dance called "The Thinking Humans Non Activity Dance."  Explaining all the different possibilities that are available isn't all that necessary here since any method that you choose will work out perfectly. Whether you are one who consistently practices with "Thunderbelt" or this is your first time all are welcome to play along any time that you choose.

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