Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day Valentines Day Playlist


It seems like playlists are becoming a weekly thing for me and I have found that they are a whole lot of fun to create so I highly recommend that you get into putting a few sounds together in one of your favorite music communities. Playlists are a great way to hear music in a new way and gain new perspectives on both musicians you know really well and ones you have just been introduced to. Just like a DJ Set or a mix, playlists are a great way to give much needed respect to the musicians who create the soundtracks that help carry you through the day. Playlists also have to be the easiest most convenient and fastest way to create a mix that you can share to the world or privately with a secret admirer. Since I am a fan of so many styles of music my objective for my personal playlist creations has been to make each one very different from the last. I believe I have maintained that direction for the 6 playlists I have put together on Soundcloud and hope to continue pushing the possibilities of sound with each one I create every week. As for the playlist you are listening to below I have put together 30 indietronica, singer songwriter and dowtempo tracks that all seem to display well thought out visions of either heart warming cries of love or simple tension releasing sound waves. For the most part I was exploring a lot of new artists that I am just learning about while throwing a few old standards in here and there. Thanks again for participating and for the usual please feel free to leave a comment in the proper form below and if you are interested in receiving email alerts about new posts from this blog please enter your email in the proper form as well.

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