Monday, February 10, 2014

Review Of Mixcloud Online Hosting Site


For the last DJ set that i posted on Mixcloud I was a little weary about doing so because I had lost the playlist and I feel its very crucial to have a playlist along with your DJ set unless your making a specific mystery set for someone. I found some really good news shortly after uploading my unedited DJ set, it seems that 
 Mixcloud has placed a great tool inside their most recent upgrade. Any DJ's, mixers or anyone who likes collecting waves of sound in a connected expression I thought you might like to know that  Mixcloud now has sound recognition software implemented into their new upgrade. So if you have an old mix lying around but you lost the playlist this could help figure out what once was lost. In my mind this helps give Mixcloud gain even more distance from the other competitive online DJ hosting sites.  After soundcloud began cutting down on hosting DJ sets  Mixcloud for many became the obvious choice to host their Dj sets and mixes.  The set up on   Mixcloud is very professional looking and it is quite simple to like, follow, create playlists, and comment on other artists work.  Not to mention,  their incredibly vast and diverse community of every genre of DJ sets and mixes that you can think of.   Mixcloud has the ability of becoming one of the biggest music social networks full of cutting edge soundtracks and I fully support it in any possible way I can and recommend you do the same.   If you haven't' already created your own account you can do so by clicking the link below, it is free to join and you have unlimited space to upload your mixes. I would also appreciate that if you like this post and want to see more like it that you leave a comment and your email in the appropriate boxes below. Thank you for participating
Ubie Dropout 

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