Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Track posted on Soundcloud

Fox and the hound

Since it is taking me a little longer then expected to finish my new track I thought this may be as good of time as any to dig up an oldie but a "goodie" from my production catalog. This is a bit different from what I am currently working on but it has a great story to tell.

This track started out many years ago as a pure acoustic track and was released on a CD called "The learning Process", in 2004. Then In 2008 I produced a 10 song electronic CD called "The after Effect" which this was the first song on. The lyrics can be found below which you are welcome to read or sing along at your leisure. You can also find a video for this track on my YouTube channel which was shot In Austin Texas a short time after The CDs official release. The song is named after the book and classic Disney movie sharing many of the same philosophical ideas which were expressed within the two earlier mediums. As a young child I was taken to this movie on my birthday by my oldest brother and was emotionally effected by the true realities that were spoken of through the use of the usual playful cartoon format. Since I was so young the meaning of this film most likely hit the hardest on the subconscious level but later when I viewed this film as an adult I was given more clarity of the sad but true reality which was presented to me as a youth. Like the movie this song communicates how time is always changing and that how your best friends of your youth can become your worst enemies when you are all grown up. As big mama the owl preached and I sing "The funny thing about time is that its always changing". If your interested in purchasing either one of my CD's feel free to visit the links below which take you to ITunes, Amazon or CD baby.


Woke up one morning there
Your still whistling through the trees
Oh what a time its been
Flash went the dream, still just a memory
Feeling lost without a cause
It seems life left nothing to hold you
For the moment that time has come and gone
Better balance life in the center
As a kid you know how to play the game
Cushioned for the fun that was worth your while
Can you remember feeling forever
Now its just a distant past
The funny thing about time
Is that it has its way of changing
Any thought of sorrow visualize in your head
On a piece of paper, then burn it up
Still feel so heavy from that whatever
Can’t seem to figure, all alone
Constant memories always left behind
It seems to be all that stays around
The hearts desire filled with the need
For you to be that special one
But maybe its time to fall apart
The tears we cry spell out that last goodbye.

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