Monday, February 17, 2014

New Psychedelic Kaleidescope Electronic Music Video By Ubie Dropout

This is a music video for the Ubie Dropout track called "Parked Inside A worm Hole"  Filled with Psychedelic effects along with animation techniques the engaging visuals and electronic music sounds will take you on a guided tour filled with kaleidoscope happiness and colorful wonders.

When looking for a safe passage through space and time I recommend that you stay away from spending a dime but instead turn toward your favorite wave form and let the music spread out. The adventures are always happening and here you can make a start by building your bridge across the universe. It is here where there is nothing to weigh you down and all past predictions can be left behind with the rest of the danger zones that are no longer relative right here and now. The connection is real but it is all up to you to find the flow and head towards the path that fits so perfect. In this specific way the natural solution is to open up to the currents rise and fall and enjoy the full explosion of everything. In our every day life there are many stories to tell about the traveling experiences from one existence to the next. Many problems have risen about the stability of all of our functioning progress. In these moments of research much confusion can come to pass while wondering in and out of the surfacing exotic matter that surrounds the atmosphere. No matter how dark the forces from beyond may seem it is highly necessary not to be influenced by the surrounding negative energy and find oneself caught inside a vacuum. For any human progress to continue and stabilize within the current technological state it is a useful tool to continue to explore with the hope that you will in fact find the final frontier which is in fact why you are here.

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