Sunday, February 2, 2014

New IDM playlist


I have been listening to a lot of Intelligent Dance music so I decided to put together a playlist of my most recent Favorited tracks on Soundcloud.   I have always enjoyed ambient styles of music from Liquid drum and bass to down tempo but a real deep love of IDM has risen in me lately.  It is always an excited moment to have a new sound interest taking over my ears so I felt how better to enjoy such a new found love then to share it with you all on this fine Superbowl Sunday.  In thinking about what it is that I love about IDM I find that more then any other electronic music it is experimenting with sounds and meshing with many other genres while still remaining very much its own thing.  The tracks I love the most seem overflowing with energy but yet remain mellow ambient sound sculptures that embrace the edge or almost tipping point but never completely spill out all of their everything.  IDM is a good study in sound manipulation where a true story is unfolding through the ever evolving sounds coming through and the brilliance really lies in the slow course that exists in the entire track and not in that one part/break that has an incredible rhythmic melody.  This genre of music is based on a true balance of sounds that range from the most wild and extreme to the most beautiful and ambient.  To find a genre of music that is able to balance these extremes is pretty incredible so I hope you enjoy the playlist I put together and enjoy an amazing Sunday.

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