Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Hip To Be Retro Jazz Groove Playlist

New Hip To Be Retro Jazz Groove Playlist:

When I First started making electronic Music my goal was to connect jazz, funk and techno under one roof and since my favorite music community is Soundcloud I thought I would share an all out jazz inspired playlist. I think you will find that there are some real mellow as well as upbeat acid jazz gems found in this collection. I do my best in this playlist to continue the wave flow including only retro inspired jazzy electronic creations. This playlist is meant more for a chill relaxing setting like you may find at an after party. Focusing upon heavy grooves with real organic instrumentation or sampled brass and standup instruments one may be more able to easily flow with their chosen activity. Everything in this genre simply comes out more relaxing; from the soft touch on the electric piano to the laid back drum hits the atmosphere created in these jams is a nice change from the usual bombardment of heavy hitting techno beats. I hope the flow of these easy going musicians helps you get to where you want to go and you are either reminded of the artists that you already know or you learn about some you want to know better. Remember that you are always welcome to visit Ubie Dropout either on Soundcloud or Mixcloud to hear new original recordings, DJ sets or to listen to playlists like the above one you are currently listening too. Thanks again for visiting and please feel free to comment and follow this blog below.

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