Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Funky Electronic Dance Breakbeat Music video

a music video for a house, downtempo, electronic music soundtrack filled with mellow grooves and funky breaks. Follow an inspirational chilled out journey through beautiful landscapes as we take a look at the New England nature sights on this adventure of a lifetime. Hear the new rave, Dance music track by Ubie Dropout which can also be found on Soundcloud. Open your eyes and ears on a beautiful journey filled with funky techno break beats and lovely natural sights that will inspire all of your everything. Take a cultural music journey through a lovely musical slide show filled with amazing photography. Become awarded by the breathtaking sights and scenic views of New England in the fall. Be enlightened and energized by the drum and bass beats that get your heart pounding and your body moving. Take a 90's techno inspired rave like journey that will influence you to get out and create your very own driving force.  In the incredible cold and snow covered days of winter take a look back to the Fall with Ubie Dropout who along with his camera documented in great detail the amazing colors of the fall foliage.  

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