Monday, February 3, 2014

Catching The Rythem Ubie Dropout DJ Set

Here is a DJ set by Ubie Dropout which breaks the ice of a period of time long forgotten but living strong in the inspired tracks still being created today. Without the much needed expansion that comes about through the experimentation in The wave form medium the ability becomes present to bring out many colors of sound.  The intention with this set was to keep things simple, mellow and beautiful but like all emotions there is always the desire to get things kicking. I did my best to paint a wave of emotional sound that evolves slowly building upon each new element until the final crash at the end. The intro can be thought of like the awakening, the early morning that rises with the sunshine.  Eventually the day moves on filled with all the different experiences that come through and its time to raise the bar in order to continue moving forward. This is where its a perfect time for the entrance of some liquid Drum and bass to kick things into a higher gear and where the sound system eventually moves back towards the morning glory where the feeling is much in the same way that it began. I hope You all enjoy and I encourage any comments that are inspired by your listen. Thank you for playing.   Soundcloud

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