Friday, February 7, 2014

A Response I Wrote To A Message I Received On "Soundcloud"

A Letter To A Fan:  

I was asked recently by a fan of mine on Soundcloud about using software programs that help to add more views and likes on your tracks, the following is my response to them and may also be of interest to others as well. In terms of using a "bot" or some other kind of service to build up the "Numbers" of listeners and followers I don't think its a good idea. This is because your not connecting with people who really want to hear your music. Your only getting people to like and follow you because they hope that you will like and follow them and those are not fans. No one is getting fooled by these automated systems which have been around for a while now just take a look at the difference in ratio between listens and hearts. You will find for the most part that tracks with over 100,000 listens only have a few hearts because its automated listeners not true fans. The goal is not to have a whole lot of meaningless numbers show up on your tracks the goal should be to connect with people through your creations and have real people like your music because they actually like it. Even without an automaton system an artist has to take in consideration that a lot of your tracks likes and follows are based on other artists trying to promote their own music. "Soundcloud" is a great community filled with both musicians and listeners who comment and truly like other peoples music. The best way to attract more likes and followers is to be part of the community and genuinely like other peoples creations. "Soundcloud" gives you the ability to post your music all over the web so start reading some music blogs and if you like some of the writing then try sending out a few tracks. There are many artists who have been working longer then Justin Bieber is old and are just now being recognized for their talent and all the hard work they have been sweating out . It takes a long time to create a fan base and no robot is going to be able to do that for you.

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