Sunday, February 23, 2014

Psychedelic Rave Party Scene - Comic By Ubie Dropout

Psychedelic Rave Party Scene 
Ubie Dropout

Come meet all the funny diverse characters as they roam from dance club to the streets, to wherever the next best place to be is all in order to continue to support their favorite scene.
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Sidewalk adventures- Comic By Ubie Droppout

Sidewalk Adventurtes

An engaging and exciting Comic filled with interesting anecdotes, silly jokes, philosophical ideas and short stories all of which take place on a sidewalk.

Baby Steps - Ubie Dropout's First Comic

Baby Steps- A Comic
Ubie Dropout
Follow Baby who continues to learn the important lessons of life from every surrounding source who teach baby many different perspectives .   Enjoy a fun adventure  of the slow learning and growing process of a new baby and all the different teaching strategies, perspectives and assignments that are given by those around it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Psychedelic Kaleidescope Electronic Music Video By Ubie Dropout

This is a music video for the Ubie Dropout track called "Parked Inside A worm Hole"  Filled with Psychedelic effects along with animation techniques the engaging visuals and electronic music sounds will take you on a guided tour filled with kaleidoscope happiness and colorful wonders.

When looking for a safe passage through space and time I recommend that you stay away from spending a dime but instead turn toward your favorite wave form and let the music spread out. The adventures are always happening and here you can make a start by building your bridge across the universe. It is here where there is nothing to weigh you down and all past predictions can be left behind with the rest of the danger zones that are no longer relative right here and now. The connection is real but it is all up to you to find the flow and head towards the path that fits so perfect. In this specific way the natural solution is to open up to the currents rise and fall and enjoy the full explosion of everything. In our every day life there are many stories to tell about the traveling experiences from one existence to the next. Many problems have risen about the stability of all of our functioning progress. In these moments of research much confusion can come to pass while wondering in and out of the surfacing exotic matter that surrounds the atmosphere. No matter how dark the forces from beyond may seem it is highly necessary not to be influenced by the surrounding negative energy and find oneself caught inside a vacuum. For any human progress to continue and stabilize within the current technological state it is a useful tool to continue to explore with the hope that you will in fact find the final frontier which is in fact why you are here.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

10 Reasons To Actively Be Creating Everyday

Behind The Scenes:

As a human being who has always enjoyed spending a lot of time buried inside the creation process I have always struggled with the fact that as a general rule society does not pay much respect to hobbyist/artists unless you have made it in the million dollar sense of the word. This is why today I decided to create a top ten list of why I believe everyone and their Grandma should be spending some time everyday involved in some kind of creative activity.  I also want to open the door to the reality that being an artist in today's world is not confined in the traditional sense of yesteryear. What we define as creative today has spread out through many different forms as well as careers that you may not think as creative activities but certainly use the same part of the brain. This list started as a diary entry I made in my old school paper notebook.  After noticing that these ideas were flying out of me I decided to share them with anyone who was interested.  Here is the list and if you believe that someone you know would benefit from them please feel free to share this list.  Thank you all for reading and for your consistent participation.  

10 Reasons To Actively Be Creating Ever Day:

(1)  Through the every day creation process and especially when you involve yourself in  many different forms of creating you start using many different aspects of your brain and in return feel more alert, Intelligent and able to take on more activities.  

(2)  By creating and finishing projects that you present to others in a public form you are given the ability to communicate with many individuals in alternative ways in which spoken language can't clearly express on its own.  

(3)  When you create something out of nothing you give birth to something new, a creation that is an aspect of you and the agreement/disagreement you have with the world. The spirit of this is a real energy which has no form and is something no one can ever take away from you. Whether this project is something you are actually paid for in paper energy dollars or its just something you have to do,  the achievement is in itself the sense paid to and by you. 

(4)  It has been said that the best human artist is someone who is able to face the worst kind of failure but no matter how much rejection they may receive are still able to continue through the hard times doing what they love.  The idea here is that in every possible way our lives and our world is all about creation and every activity you are involved in is creative.  Its not about scoring the wining goal or being appreciated although that is a very nice thing.  To me the creation process is more about having a dream that you continue to move forward and then your giving it your all just to see what happens. 

(5)  One thing that you will find in every book ever written about a successful person is that they were busy doing what they loved which was something they would do for free. Therefore if you have an ability that you love doing there is a way to use this talent in a more conventional way which could then bring more energy in the form of money to your current living situation. 

(6)  When creating what you love you will meet and make friends and business associates who are creating similar dreams as you are.

(7)  Whenever you create or struggle with a new idea you wish to bring to a complete formation you will realize what dreams, thoughts and ideas are not benefiting you anymore.  This basic procedure of question, analysis and experiment allows you to continue moving on down the road reaching higher heights and finding the very next best thing.  

(8)  Whenever you are consistently challenging yourself, focusing more and learning new techniques your ability to clearly communicate your dreams to the outside world expands. 

(9)  The more consistently you create the easier it becomes to not hold so tight to what you have made and truly let go of the work you have done.  Instead of defining yourself by what you have created you instead are able to see that your creative activity is simply one tool you use to discover yourself, understand the world around you and communicate with anyone who dares to listen to what you have to say.  

(10)  While expressing yourself in whatever way you choose you always have the ability to reach out and touch other humans in ways you never thought was possible.  Even if you only reach one single person with a certain project the possible impact is beyond words and that in itself is the reason why you create in the first place.  For each project an individual takes part in a more vivid picture of self and community is brought to life.  To me personally the creation process is Hope in progress, it is the spark and that desire to find a connection.  Without this hope and a chosen quest towards an experienced growth I think all would be lost.  

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day Valentines Day Playlist


It seems like playlists are becoming a weekly thing for me and I have found that they are a whole lot of fun to create so I highly recommend that you get into putting a few sounds together in one of your favorite music communities. Playlists are a great way to hear music in a new way and gain new perspectives on both musicians you know really well and ones you have just been introduced to. Just like a DJ Set or a mix, playlists are a great way to give much needed respect to the musicians who create the soundtracks that help carry you through the day. Playlists also have to be the easiest most convenient and fastest way to create a mix that you can share to the world or privately with a secret admirer. Since I am a fan of so many styles of music my objective for my personal playlist creations has been to make each one very different from the last. I believe I have maintained that direction for the 6 playlists I have put together on Soundcloud and hope to continue pushing the possibilities of sound with each one I create every week. As for the playlist you are listening to below I have put together 30 indietronica, singer songwriter and dowtempo tracks that all seem to display well thought out visions of either heart warming cries of love or simple tension releasing sound waves. For the most part I was exploring a lot of new artists that I am just learning about while throwing a few old standards in here and there. Thanks again for participating and for the usual please feel free to leave a comment in the proper form below and if you are interested in receiving email alerts about new posts from this blog please enter your email in the proper form as well.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The First Track Ever Uploaded On Soundcloud

The First Track Ever Uploaded On Soundcloud:

Below you will Find The first track That I (Ubie Dropout) Ever Uploaded on Soundcloud which was a simple track that only uses a few sounds instead of the usual conglomeration of melodies that interweave. The goal here was to create a steady constant,hypnotic beat that I never stray away from all the while continuing to keep the listener engaged and excited about the many possibilities of sound. This was more of a test to see if i could personally enjoy keeping it simple as well as allowing the energy to remain. Please feel free to leave any comment in the proper form at the bottom of this page.

The Deeper Meaning Of Thunderbelt:

If your have ever wondered about what is good about all the everything that is around
this would then be a perfect time to step away from a life of concealed ideas.
Frustration can rise from any place and grab hold of even the most positive individuals but before such circumstances wear you out replace those used up attitudes with an uplifting "Thunderbelt." You still may have some concerns about your ability to sit down while "Thunderbelt" is raging through the airwaves but these sounds are here to guide you. If your body is inspired to create in motion you should let yourself go with the flow. This strategy works fine for any level of motor ability and will help send your mind and body towards higher heights. You still may be filled with doubts but with so many different spaces to open up with the dance steps chosen will surely come together in no time at all. Even still while motion works best for some ,for others it can be found that the best movement actually is non movement. In recent years there has been a worldwide phenomenon or (movement of non movement) made popular by many participators of the rave scene where they have created a non dance called "The Thinking Humans Non Activity Dance."  Explaining all the different possibilities that are available isn't all that necessary here since any method that you choose will work out perfectly. Whether you are one who consistently practices with "Thunderbelt" or this is your first time all are welcome to play along any time that you choose.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Review Of Mixcloud Online Hosting Site


For the last DJ set that i posted on Mixcloud I was a little weary about doing so because I had lost the playlist and I feel its very crucial to have a playlist along with your DJ set unless your making a specific mystery set for someone. I found some really good news shortly after uploading my unedited DJ set, it seems that 
 Mixcloud has placed a great tool inside their most recent upgrade. Any DJ's, mixers or anyone who likes collecting waves of sound in a connected expression I thought you might like to know that  Mixcloud now has sound recognition software implemented into their new upgrade. So if you have an old mix lying around but you lost the playlist this could help figure out what once was lost. In my mind this helps give Mixcloud gain even more distance from the other competitive online DJ hosting sites.  After soundcloud began cutting down on hosting DJ sets  Mixcloud for many became the obvious choice to host their Dj sets and mixes.  The set up on   Mixcloud is very professional looking and it is quite simple to like, follow, create playlists, and comment on other artists work.  Not to mention,  their incredibly vast and diverse community of every genre of DJ sets and mixes that you can think of.   Mixcloud has the ability of becoming one of the biggest music social networks full of cutting edge soundtracks and I fully support it in any possible way I can and recommend you do the same.   If you haven't' already created your own account you can do so by clicking the link below, it is free to join and you have unlimited space to upload your mixes. I would also appreciate that if you like this post and want to see more like it that you leave a comment and your email in the appropriate boxes below. Thank you for participating
Ubie Dropout 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Electronic Beat Happening Psychedelic Video

Fox And The Hound:

This is a music Video I filmed in Austin Texas right after releasing my second CD called "The after Effect." The track itself is a nice mixture of genres starting with a beautiful ambient intro that eventually breaks into an electronic rock groove that simply feels in motion. This creation fuses the organic jazzy soulful inspirations with break beat taking both your eyes and ears on a lively journey. This is a fun video mix of spliced together scenes that includes shots of Texas, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Connecticut . Like a wave the music created here works its way through melodic ambient textures towards hard hitting explosive grooves. This is what you would call a driving video and song and I did what I could to capture this both in the natural sense as well as with the use of fun special effects. So sit back and enjoy some good music and a captivating visual artistry filled with landscapes, city streets and psychedelic visual effects. If you enjoy hearing my sounds and watching my videos please feel free to leave a comment and if you want to be notified about any future posts you may leave your email in the form at the bottom of the page. You can also follow me on Soundcloud and I will reciprocate.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Hip To Be Retro Jazz Groove Playlist

New Hip To Be Retro Jazz Groove Playlist:

When I First started making electronic Music my goal was to connect jazz, funk and techno under one roof and since my favorite music community is Soundcloud I thought I would share an all out jazz inspired playlist. I think you will find that there are some real mellow as well as upbeat acid jazz gems found in this collection. I do my best in this playlist to continue the wave flow including only retro inspired jazzy electronic creations. This playlist is meant more for a chill relaxing setting like you may find at an after party. Focusing upon heavy grooves with real organic instrumentation or sampled brass and standup instruments one may be more able to easily flow with their chosen activity. Everything in this genre simply comes out more relaxing; from the soft touch on the electric piano to the laid back drum hits the atmosphere created in these jams is a nice change from the usual bombardment of heavy hitting techno beats. I hope the flow of these easy going musicians helps you get to where you want to go and you are either reminded of the artists that you already know or you learn about some you want to know better. Remember that you are always welcome to visit Ubie Dropout either on Soundcloud or Mixcloud to hear new original recordings, DJ sets or to listen to playlists like the above one you are currently listening too. Thanks again for visiting and please feel free to comment and follow this blog below.

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Response I Wrote To A Message I Received On "Soundcloud"

A Letter To A Fan:  

I was asked recently by a fan of mine on Soundcloud about using software programs that help to add more views and likes on your tracks, the following is my response to them and may also be of interest to others as well. In terms of using a "bot" or some other kind of service to build up the "Numbers" of listeners and followers I don't think its a good idea. This is because your not connecting with people who really want to hear your music. Your only getting people to like and follow you because they hope that you will like and follow them and those are not fans. No one is getting fooled by these automated systems which have been around for a while now just take a look at the difference in ratio between listens and hearts. You will find for the most part that tracks with over 100,000 listens only have a few hearts because its automated listeners not true fans. The goal is not to have a whole lot of meaningless numbers show up on your tracks the goal should be to connect with people through your creations and have real people like your music because they actually like it. Even without an automaton system an artist has to take in consideration that a lot of your tracks likes and follows are based on other artists trying to promote their own music. "Soundcloud" is a great community filled with both musicians and listeners who comment and truly like other peoples music. The best way to attract more likes and followers is to be part of the community and genuinely like other peoples creations. "Soundcloud" gives you the ability to post your music all over the web so start reading some music blogs and if you like some of the writing then try sending out a few tracks. There are many artists who have been working longer then Justin Bieber is old and are just now being recognized for their talent and all the hard work they have been sweating out . It takes a long time to create a fan base and no robot is going to be able to do that for you.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ubie Dropout Dj Set - Are You Sleeping

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of playlist but this set is three years old and I can't seem to find any record of this. I had this set comfortably resting on my Soundcloud profile but had to make some room for more of my original material. In this set I bring out all the bells and whistles that were at my disposable mixing in what was at the time my favorite genres of electronic music. In this sound journey you will find an evolving forward moving flow of waves that connect Electro house, break beat, minimal and progressive house all under one roof of living loud dance craziness. One of the most exciting things about dusting off an old DJ set is listening to what was being focused on during a whole different time in life. So for me in listening to these sounds is a wild historical flashback which I can only hope has the ability in creating new even crazier memories for all the new listeners these tracks are opening up to. Thank You again for participating and please take a moment to leave a comment and If you want to receive email alerts to be notified of this Blog's posts please do so on the bottom of the home page.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Track posted on Soundcloud

Fox and the hound

Since it is taking me a little longer then expected to finish my new track I thought this may be as good of time as any to dig up an oldie but a "goodie" from my production catalog. This is a bit different from what I am currently working on but it has a great story to tell.

This track started out many years ago as a pure acoustic track and was released on a CD called "The learning Process", in 2004. Then In 2008 I produced a 10 song electronic CD called "The after Effect" which this was the first song on. The lyrics can be found below which you are welcome to read or sing along at your leisure. You can also find a video for this track on my YouTube channel which was shot In Austin Texas a short time after The CDs official release. The song is named after the book and classic Disney movie sharing many of the same philosophical ideas which were expressed within the two earlier mediums. As a young child I was taken to this movie on my birthday by my oldest brother and was emotionally effected by the true realities that were spoken of through the use of the usual playful cartoon format. Since I was so young the meaning of this film most likely hit the hardest on the subconscious level but later when I viewed this film as an adult I was given more clarity of the sad but true reality which was presented to me as a youth. Like the movie this song communicates how time is always changing and that how your best friends of your youth can become your worst enemies when you are all grown up. As big mama the owl preached and I sing "The funny thing about time is that its always changing". If your interested in purchasing either one of my CD's feel free to visit the links below which take you to ITunes, Amazon or CD baby.


Woke up one morning there
Your still whistling through the trees
Oh what a time its been
Flash went the dream, still just a memory
Feeling lost without a cause
It seems life left nothing to hold you
For the moment that time has come and gone
Better balance life in the center
As a kid you know how to play the game
Cushioned for the fun that was worth your while
Can you remember feeling forever
Now its just a distant past
The funny thing about time
Is that it has its way of changing
Any thought of sorrow visualize in your head
On a piece of paper, then burn it up
Still feel so heavy from that whatever
Can’t seem to figure, all alone
Constant memories always left behind
It seems to be all that stays around
The hearts desire filled with the need
For you to be that special one
But maybe its time to fall apart
The tears we cry spell out that last goodbye.

If you are interested in supporting any of my work please find one of my CD's at any of the below internet stores and thank you for your contribution.…fect/id274881486

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Funky Electronic Dance Breakbeat Music video

a music video for a house, downtempo, electronic music soundtrack filled with mellow grooves and funky breaks. Follow an inspirational chilled out journey through beautiful landscapes as we take a look at the New England nature sights on this adventure of a lifetime. Hear the new rave, Dance music track by Ubie Dropout which can also be found on Soundcloud. Open your eyes and ears on a beautiful journey filled with funky techno break beats and lovely natural sights that will inspire all of your everything. Take a cultural music journey through a lovely musical slide show filled with amazing photography. Become awarded by the breathtaking sights and scenic views of New England in the fall. Be enlightened and energized by the drum and bass beats that get your heart pounding and your body moving. Take a 90's techno inspired rave like journey that will influence you to get out and create your very own driving force.  In the incredible cold and snow covered days of winter take a look back to the Fall with Ubie Dropout who along with his camera documented in great detail the amazing colors of the fall foliage.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Catching The Rythem Ubie Dropout DJ Set

Here is a DJ set by Ubie Dropout which breaks the ice of a period of time long forgotten but living strong in the inspired tracks still being created today. Without the much needed expansion that comes about through the experimentation in The wave form medium the ability becomes present to bring out many colors of sound.  The intention with this set was to keep things simple, mellow and beautiful but like all emotions there is always the desire to get things kicking. I did my best to paint a wave of emotional sound that evolves slowly building upon each new element until the final crash at the end. The intro can be thought of like the awakening, the early morning that rises with the sunshine.  Eventually the day moves on filled with all the different experiences that come through and its time to raise the bar in order to continue moving forward. This is where its a perfect time for the entrance of some liquid Drum and bass to kick things into a higher gear and where the sound system eventually moves back towards the morning glory where the feeling is much in the same way that it began. I hope You all enjoy and I encourage any comments that are inspired by your listen. Thank you for playing.   Soundcloud

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New IDM playlist


I have been listening to a lot of Intelligent Dance music so I decided to put together a playlist of my most recent Favorited tracks on Soundcloud.   I have always enjoyed ambient styles of music from Liquid drum and bass to down tempo but a real deep love of IDM has risen in me lately.  It is always an excited moment to have a new sound interest taking over my ears so I felt how better to enjoy such a new found love then to share it with you all on this fine Superbowl Sunday.  In thinking about what it is that I love about IDM I find that more then any other electronic music it is experimenting with sounds and meshing with many other genres while still remaining very much its own thing.  The tracks I love the most seem overflowing with energy but yet remain mellow ambient sound sculptures that embrace the edge or almost tipping point but never completely spill out all of their everything.  IDM is a good study in sound manipulation where a true story is unfolding through the ever evolving sounds coming through and the brilliance really lies in the slow course that exists in the entire track and not in that one part/break that has an incredible rhythmic melody.  This genre of music is based on a true balance of sounds that range from the most wild and extreme to the most beautiful and ambient.  To find a genre of music that is able to balance these extremes is pretty incredible so I hope you enjoy the playlist I put together and enjoy an amazing Sunday.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

7 tracks in two months

I had a goal to do a new track and a new video every week for four weeks and I was able to meet my own demands but since I was still inspired I continued to keep creating.  I am currently working on my 8th track in 2 months which started out as a remix of an older track of mine called "Fox and The Hound".  Since This track developed into its own baby I decided to can the remix idea and create a whole new track instead.  All of these tracks along with many other unreleased tracks of mine can be found on my soundcloud profile .  I have been trying to continue to be as consistent as possible with all my art forms which is extremely difficult since I love creating so many different things.  After working as hard as I have creating music in the last two months I have noticed a  big change in how I view music in general.  Although I will always want as many people as possible to have the chance to hear my music and to communicate with through the unfolding of this never ending process, I have found that right now creating music is something I have to do I am a total addict.  So please come visit me at my profile on soundcloud and let me know what you think and if you have a track you want me to check out please let me know.

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