Saturday, January 25, 2014

So much in our lives is left in silence without ever being completely communicated or even stated at all.  There are so many different roles that the knights and or queens of the round table officiate upon in each different community you enter.   The rules of the game change based on the decisions of the elitist rulers that you don't even remember electing as the ones who give the final word on what is and should never be.  The sad part of this is even if you don't play homage to such ministries of hip council your life may be effected by the dark candle lit nights where careless disrespect towards the well being of others is cut through like a bounty hunter who preys on their catalyst.  Yes It is true that the behavior or thoughts of "The Others", really is only a reflection on them but the power and ability of manipulating the truth can be found to be a detriment to even the most strong willed individual.  Luckily most of us have the ability to recognize that if we are involved in a close knit community that has the kind of controlling personalities that turn the stomach inside out you can change your direction and go under the knife and have those ill consorts cut out of the equation.  There will, however be those moments, some lasting longer then others that make you feel unable to change the circumstances that your flow or direction has brought forth.  These happenings of course are the times we want to minimize and if there is any benefit that you can reap from such times it is that you don't enjoy that horrible feeling and you will now focus yourself more clearly and "ONLY" on what you do want. This could be a helpful reminder for any moment that seems to be a total drag.  If  you take a moment after any negative after effect and begin to center upon your true desires remember that your life is always in the process of experimentation moving onward towards the very next experiment ready to learn from the new creative designs.     Soundcloud

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