Saturday, January 18, 2014

amazing what happens sometimes

 I have been so busy trying to promote myself in other places as well as working on creating a new video and writing new tracks that I have forgotten all about this Blog.  Sadly, this is what has happened to many other bloggs that I have started, the balancing of such things can easily become tilted.  Since my last post I have released a new video which can be found on Youtube and  a new track which can also be found on Soundcloud.  I also have been working on a remix of an old song called "What's Up", which incidentally has two versions, one being an acoustic singer/songwriter song, the other being an acoustic/elctro/trance/breakbeat.  I am actually working on the ladder version of these two tracks.  I have also been working on a new version of "Thunderbelt", which first popped its demo version head out on Soundcloud but I have recently withdrawn that version and am continuing to rework this track as this is being written. I am also working on a track called "Today After Breakfeast", which came about through the many versions and alternative workings of "When I close My Eyes I see Things".  The new video will then possibly be a new version of "What's Up"  or another track called, "BAGGER"S DELIGHT" with the possibility of bringing out an acoustic song called "LOVE IS NOT A DREAM" from the 2004 CD "THE LEARNING PROCESS".  Until these creations become realized you can check out my last video/track on Youtube/Soundcloud for the track called "WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES I SEE THINGS".

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