Saturday, January 11, 2014

What's going on lately

Since finishing the Psychedelic Electronic music video for the tracks "Magical Waves" and "What Should Be Fixed" I have continued work on a new video for a track I am simultaneously working on called "when I close My eyes I see things".  Although my goal was to have this finished and ready to go live by Monday, since the continuous tweaking of both the video and song is still in the works, my deadline for the new video may be pushed back a few days.  I do however have a computer full of tracks ready for new ears so if necessary i may resort to reopening one of these gems for the next display.  For your visual interests i decided to take a few snapshots of the last video and have placed a few of these pix for your eyes in this post. My own inspired ears have been listening to a lot of liquid drum an bass lately by artists such as Seba, Alaska, High Contrast, Logistics, and Paradox.  I also believe that the track I am currently working on has been highly influenced by the creation of ambient textures which flow smoothly through the tight backbone of a well produced drum and bass groove

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