Monday, December 30, 2013

Current Projects For The ambient Techno musician known as Ubie Dropout

At The Moment I am currently creating 5 simultaneous projects, 4 different tracks and one psychedelic video that i have been busy learning and creating with in the last week or so.  I had previously believed that I was going to use "MAGICAL WAVES", for the audio portion of the new video, but after experimenting with another track entittled "WHAT'S TO BE FIXED"  i have realized that these two tracks together as a mix fit better with the visuals i have created.  Although, i am still experimenting with both the visual and audio portion of this projection, You can be sure that there will be a video available for your eyes within the next few days.  As always Ubie Dropout in connection with Ubie View productions will continue to bring you only the best in both audio and Video platforms, so please stay tuned to Ubie Dropout's Loafmeister2 Youtube channel which will continue to showcase new material every week.  Thanks again for coming by and don't forget to bookmark this site in any of your favorite social media sites.


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